Meet our Staff


Mrs Procter

I’m Claire Procter and I love my job! I am so proud to be part of such an exciting and dynamic school. I particularly enjoy striving to ensure that our school is as inclusive as it can possibly be.

Deputy Headteacher, KS2 Lead and Year 5 Teacher

Mr Hughes

Hi, my name is Gwynan Hughes and I am the teacher in Year 5. I have been teaching for 15 years and find every day brings something new! My main passion is music and any spare time I have is spent composing and recording songs for children in our school! I also love computing and enjoy taking computers apart and creating videos and video games.

KS1 Lead and Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Ascroft


My name is Alison Ascroft and I am the Year 2 teacher and Key Stage One Phase leader. I have been teaching for 17 years and I love my job! I enjoy being part of each child’s individual learning journey, seeing all thrive. I have an expertise in English, early reading and writing development. In my spare time I love to sing and am an active member of a Community Choir. I look forward to singing with the children and being part of the Trinity team!

Reception Class Teacher

Miss Hyett

Hi, I’m Jessica Hyett, the Year R class teacher. I love working and learning outdoors! I also enjoy Art and can’t wait to help Year R explore their creative sides.

Year One Teacher

Mrs Nixon

Hello my name is Janice Nixon and I really enjoy working with young children and have been a teacher for 15 years. I find nurturing and developing the skills and knowledge in young children very rewarding. I truly believe that children learn best when they are having fun! I particularly like to be active and I like to bring this inside and outside the classroom and through all the areas of learning.

Year Three Teacher

Mr Hawman

Hello, my name is Jonny Hawman and I am the Year 3 class teacher. I have been teaching for a number of years and thoroughly enjoy working with children. I have worked for Trinity and St Michaels for six years as a teaching assistant and now as a class teacher. My passion lies within P.E and being active.  I believe the saying goes ‘choose a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life’. I definitely love what I do!

Year Four Teacher

Miss Hargreaves

Hi, I’m Miss Hargreaves, the Year 4 class teacher. Supporting and nurturing children is something I am very passionate about and I feel fortunate to be able to do this in such a valuing school like Trinity St Michaels. My favourite subjects are Science, History and English. I also enjoy being active and therefore I aim to incorporate this into learning as much as possible. I look forward to creating engaging lessons for the children to enjoy!

Year Five Teacher

Miss Pemberton

Hello, I am Louise Pemberton, the Year 5 class teacher. Taking the plunge and changing career was the best decision I have ever made! I feel very lucky to be working at such a wonderful school, with a great team of people and such polite, caring and ambitious children. My favourite subjects are English Literature, History and Art.  I also have a passion for outdoor learning and cannot wait to use Trinity’s facilities. “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I might remember, but involve me and I’ll LEARN!”

Year Six Teacher

Miss Beck

Hello, I am Miss Beck and currently the lead teacher in Year Six. I am incredibly excited to be starting my teaching career in such a forward-thinking school that celebrates our learning in a lot of unique ways! My passions lie with English, DT and Science and I thrive on working with a class to develop inquiring, curious minds. During the week, you can often find me in Stem Den, concocting all sorts of experiments dealing with engineering and Science.

Mrs Chadwick

Hi, I’m Becky Chadwick and I am a Teaching Assistant in Year Six and the P.E lead in school. I am very lucky, as I get to work with all the children from Y1-Y6!

I am passionate about PE and love nothing better than seeing children enjoying physical activity and learning new sports.
I am an avid football fan, and in my spare time I coach a local team.

Mr Maynard

Hi, my name is Ewan Maynard and I am a Teaching Assistant in Year Four. I feel very excited and lucky to be working in a school with such a fantastic atmosphere and with a team that are so dedicated and enthusiastic. I enjoy being involved in the delivery of the full range of Primary subjects but particularly love helping children make progress in Mathematics, and – as a keen sportsman – will be heavily involved in helping the school deliver its outstanding sports programme.

Mrs Drury

Hi, I’m Tracey Drury and I’m part of the team of TAs in KS2. Working in such a caring school, where the children are encouraged to reach their full potential, is a real privilege. Witnessing the discovery of hidden talents, especially in arts and crafts, is something I’ll never tire of!

Mrs Hart

Hi my name is Gemma Hart and I work in Year Six. I’ve worked with children for many years and have twin boys of my own. I feel very lucky to work in such a wonderful school and love feeling part of the Trinity family.

Mrs Kilburn

Hi, I’m Mrs Kilburn and I support in Year Five. This is my second year at Trinity and St. Michael’s. I’m really enjoying getting to know all of the children and parents.

Mrs Ross

Hello – my name is Karen Ross.  I have worked at Trinity and St Michaels’s since 2013 and feel extremely fortunate to be part of such a special school where I thoroughly enjoy working in Year 1.

Mrs Green

Hi, I am Jevgenija Green, a Teaching Assistant in the Year R class. I’m so happy to be part of such a caring and dedicated team.

Mr Palmer-Davies

Hello, I’m Dave Palmer-Davies and I love being a TA here at Trinity. My interests include: Rugby and coaching rugby, climbing the fells in Cumbria, horses and spending time with my three boys.

Mrs Felstead

Hello, my name is Kimberley Felstead and I am a full time TA here at Trinity. I love my role nurturing and supporting children in their learning and watching them grow in confidence before they head to KS2. I’ve been part of the Trinity family since 2019 and can’t imagine being anywhere else!

Mrs Cadwallader (Karla) – Mental Health Champion

Hi, My name is Karla Cadwallader. I have been at Trinity & St. Michaels for 6 years. I love my role and the team I get to work with! I am based in and out of class supporting children’s interventions as well as SEMH. I feel so lucky I get to work hands on with all the children at TSM.

Business Manager

Mrs Rigby

Hello, my name is Carole Rigby and I am the School Business Manager. You will usually find me in the office, on the telephone or on my computer. I am passionate about spending our school money in the best way to ensure our children benefit from the most up to date resources possible.