Religious Education Implementation

Religious Education is a unique subject that helps children understand the world around them while encouraging them to better understand themselves. At Trinity, as with all of our subjects, we look to enthuse and engage pupils through well-planned lessons, engaging resources and active sessions. All of this will be achieved through:

  • Weekly, timetabled RE sessions that use the Blackburn Diocese planning as a basis for an engaging and enthusing curriculum.
  • The language of spirituality being used and discussed across the wider curriculum.
  • RE being used as a driver for other subjects combining regularly with Computing, Art, DT and English to create a well-rounded and balanced RE curriculum.
  • Ensuring children regularly read the bible and study what we can learn from its stories.
  • Regular worship and reflection that complements work going on in class and the Christian calendar.
  • A good relationship with and regular visits to our local churches.
  • Regularly looking at the rites and practices of other faiths, helping children develop the British value of tolerance and respect for people of other religions.
  • Looking at challenging and thought-provoking questions based on theological and philosophical understanding such as:  the nature of God, the meaning and purpose of life, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human.
  • Ensure Religious Education plays a crucial role in promoting the values and ethos of the school promoting a ‘doing everything in love’ approach to our work and our learning.