Year 2’s trip to Knowsley Safari Park

Year 2’s trip to Knowsley Safari Park

We started the day with a foot safari. On this small walk we were able to see tigers, giraffes, meerkats and bush dogs. One of the tigers made sure it was more than visible to one of our groups!

After that, we jumped back on the bus so we could have a guided tour around the Safari Park. Thanks to an amazing tour guide we were able to learn about lots of different animals from many different areas of the world. I didn’t realise that a group of rhinos was called a crash!

We also had a very busy afternoon! We started the afternoon by watching the Birds of Prey show. We watched owls, vultures and eagles fly over our heads and sometimes a little bit too close to us. We continued the afternoon by watching the Seal Lion show. We were introduced to two sea lions called Lewy and Arthur which who very entertaining. Sea Lions can weigh up to 40 stone! The sea lions showed us their tricks and skills and eventually finished off by jumping out of the water to try and reach a ball that was hanging in the air. Both Lewy and Arthur completed it!

We finished the day by visiting the African School. We were able to look closely at a giraffe’s skull and elephant’s tooth. We even got the opportunity to touch and feel a Giant African Land Snail and Madagascan Hissing Cockroach.

We’ve all had a fab day and I would like to thank all the children for representing school extremely well.

Mr H!